The 29-year-old Argentine did not pass the medical examination in Rome

The 29-year-old Argentine did not pass the medical examination in Rome, but he is confident that he will be able to fight for the title.

“The fight against Gennady Golovkin is the main goal of me. I am very confident of achieving this goal. I want to prove to the world that I am the best and that I will not be satisfied with the result. I will fight for every point, and I will do my best to win the title again. I have already won the first one in 2008, so I will show the world my best game. I also want to win gold medals, so it will be even more important for me to win them in the future. I believe that the fight against Golovkins will be one of the main events of my career.”

In the future, it is very important for the WBO mandatory to fight the best. In the fight with Golovin, he will have to prove that he is not only the best but also a real contender for the gold medals.
3. “The Real Fight” with Gennadi Golovkina
The fight with the Russian is very interesting, because it will take place in the middle of the fight calendar. The winner of this fight will have a chance to fight at least one more time for the world title. The fight against the Russian will be very important, because the winner of it will have the chance to challenge the WBC’s mandatory.
The winner of the “Real Fight” will be a real fighter, because he will not only have to fight against a worthy opponent, but also will have an opportunity to fight in the world championship.
In addition, the fight will be an opportunity for the winner to show his skills in front of his fans.
If you look at the fight schedule, it can be said that the winner will have at least a chance of fighting in the main event of the year.
4. “Real fight” with Wladimir Klitschko
The next fight of the Wlad will be the fight of a lifetime. The Ukrainian has a chance for a world title, and it will depend on the result of the next fight.
However, the main thing for the fight to be a success is the result in the fight. The Klitschkos have a very good chance of achieving that. The main thing is the fight, because there are no other fights in the calendar that will be as interesting as this one.
You can follow the fight on the fight page of the sports statistics website.
5. The Fight Against Wlad
The main thing in the next year will be to fight Wlad. The fighter is a real threat to the winner. The problem is that the Ukrainian has not fought for a long time, and this will affect his performance.
It is also important that the next time the fight takes place, it will not take place during the summer, because in the summer the fight is very popular.
So, the next Wlad fight will take the place of the one with GGG.
6. Other Fight Opportunities
The best fight in a year is not always the best fight, and the fight between Wlad and GGG is a good example of this. The next fight will also be an excellent opportunity to show the Ukrainian his skills.
All this will depend not only on the results of the upcoming fight, but on the whole fight calendar, because this fight is a chance not only to fight a worthy fighter, but to fight on a world stage.
This fight will become a real test of the Ukrainian’s skills, and if he is able to defeat the Wladi, then he will become the real contender to the WBA, WBO and WL.
Follow the fight in real time on the sports results website. The information is updated in real-time, and you can always find the latest news on the website.
The Fight Against Golovins
The Golovinski fight is one of those fights that will become famous for a reason. It is a fight that will change the fight world.
We can say that the main fight of 2016 is the Golovinsk fight. It will be held on the 26th of May, in the stadium of the Russian city of Sochi.
Wladimir and Gennadiy Golovki are the main contenders for the mandatory WBO title. They are the best fighters in the division.
There are two main reasons for the Golovsky fight to become one of them.
1. Time. The first fight took place in 2012, and now it is time for another fight. This fight will help the winner get a chance at the WBF title. It has been almost two years since the fight was held.
2. Competitors. The Golovski brothers have a good chance to get a fight with WBO champion. The WBO is the mandatory title for the Ukrainian, and they have a real chance to win it.
They have a lot of chances. They can fight for a title, for a shot at the title, or they can fight in any other fight. They have a fight in February, they have another fight in May, and then they will fight in June.
At the same time, there is a big fight in December.

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