Will Higuain leave Napoli in January? – Higuain to Chelsea or Arsenal

Will Higuain leave Napoli in January? – Higuain to Chelsea or Arsenal?

The summer transfer window is coming to an end, and it is time to make a final decision on the candidates for the main transfers of the new season. One of the main contenders for the signing of a new star is Napoli. The club has long been one of the most coveted in the Italian championship, and the fact that the club has managed to keep its leading players for so long is a testimony to the professionalism of the management.

The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of HiguAIN. The Argentinean player is a young player who can become a star in the club. He is a player who is able to score a lot of goals, and he is able, too, to distribute the ball well. He has already managed to score several important goals for Napoli, and his performance has been quite good.
The club has already started to show its interest in the player, and they have already made a number of offers to the player. The most likely destination for the player is Chelsea, but the club is also interested in Arsenal. The Gunners have been in the English Premier League for a long time, and this fact has already become a source of envy for many clubs.
Napoli is one of them, and if the club manages to sign the player in the next transfer window, then it will become a real star in Italy.
Who will be the main transfer candidate for the club in the winter transfer window?
The winter transfer period is coming, and many clubs are trying to get as many players as possible. Among the main candidates for a transfer are:
* Napoli;
* Chelsea;
* Liverpool;
* Manchester City.
All of these clubs have a long history in the transfer market, and some of them have already managed not to miss the transfer window.
It is now very important to make the final decision, because the club needs to strengthen the squad in order to compete in the international arena. In addition, the club also needs to improve its results in the domestic championship.
If the club decides to make another transfer, then the most likely destinations for the new player are:
* Manchester United;
 * Manchester City;
   * Chelsea.
In each of these cases, the player will need to be signed in order for the team to be able to compete for the title.
Will the club make a big transfer in the summer transfer period?
Many clubs are now trying to make transfers in the last transfer window of the season. Many of them are trying not to make mistakes, but they need to make sure that they are able to get the maximum number of players in the new transfer window and not to lose them.
Among the main clubs that are trying this are: Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City, and among the main reasons for the clubs to make such transfers are: the desire to make more transfers, the desire for new players, and a desire to strengthen their positions in the standings.
One of the reasons for Manchester United to make an important transfer is the desire not to repeat the mistakes of the last season, when the team was not able to finish in the top 4. The team has a number and quality of players, but it is still not able, in the current season, to finish among the leaders.
However, the transfer of Pogba to the club will help the team not to be in the same situation in the future. The player is able not only to score goals, but also to distribute them well.
Liverpool is also trying to improve the position of the team in the table, and one of its main transfer candidates is the player:
·  Raedm;
·    Lallana;
·   Fabinho;
The player is an important addition to the team, and Liverpool will be able not to leave the Champions League without him.
Manchester United is also very interested in the acquisition not only of a player, but of a coach as well. The previous coach, Jose Mourinho, left the club, and now the club wants to find a new coach.
Do you think that the team will make a transfer in order not to finish the season in the middle of the standings?
In the current transfer window the team has several transfers that it can make. One such transfer is of the player who was the main star of the previous season, and who was able to help the club to finish first in the Premier League.
This transfer is that of the Argentinean forward, Alexis Sanchez. The transfer of Sanchez is a good decision by the club because it will allow the team improve its position in the championship. The main problem of the club now is the lack of stability, which is another reason for the need to strengthen its position.
Another transfer that the Manchester United management has made is the acquisition, for a fee of around 100 million euros, of the goalkeeper, Reina. The goalkeeper is a very important addition for the squad, because it is important for the goalkeeper to be always aware of the situation of the opponent.
At the same time, the team needs to make some transfers in order improve its positions in matches.

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