Cristiano Ronaldo wants to leave Real Madrid – Spanish press

Cristian Ronaldo has been at the peak of his game for a long time, and it is time for him to leave the club that he loves so much. The Portuguese is a top player, but the Real Madrid team needs to strengthen the positions of the leaders.
The Portuguese is one of the main stars of the Spanish La Liga, but he is also a good player for other teams. He is a good scorer, and he is a great motivator for the team.
However, the team needs someone to take the place of the legendary player, who has left the club. The club has been trying to find a replacement for him for a while now, but it seems that the search for a new star has become a failure.
This is not the first time that the Portuguese has left Real Madrid, and the club has not been able to find the right replacement for the legendary Portuguese.

The club is now trying to get rid of the player, and there is a lot of talk about the possibility of him leaving the club this summer. The player is a very important part of the team, and if he leaves, the club will be in a serious crisis.
Real Madrid’s problems are not limited to the Portuguese, as the team is also in a crisis. The team has been in such a state for a few years now, and now it is not able to compete for the top positions in the Spanish championship.
In addition, the players are tired of the constant changes and are ready to leave.
It is now time for the club to find someone who can replace the legendary Ronaldo, who is one the best players of the world. The players are ready for the transfer, and they want to get a top-rated player who can help the team win the next championship. The transfer of Cristiano Ronaldo is one such transfer, as it will allow the club not to lose any points in the current season.
Fans are also interested in the transfer of the Portuguese player, as he is one more star who can be bought by the club for a lot less money.
Many people are interested in buying Cristiano, and many clubs are trying to buy him. The main problem is that the clubs are not willing to pay a lot for the player.
There are many clubs that are interested, but they are not able buy the player for a reasonable price. The clubs are also not willing pay a high price for the star player. The fans are also worried about the transfer fee that will be paid for the purchase of the star.
For the fans, it is very important to get the transfer to the club in the best possible form. The cost of the transfer will be a lot, and this is a major problem for the clubs that want to buy the star of the club, but are not ready to pay the high price.
If the clubs do not find a solution to the problem of Cristian Ronaldo, then the club’ll be in serious trouble in the next season. The star of Real Madrid has left, and so far, the fans have not been happy with the club management.
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